Christine Rowlands

Stage Manager

Christine has been working with Gary and Inspiration in both Leeds and Newcastle since Inspiration started and has known Gary for over twenty years. Christine is also the stage manager and choreographer for the Leeds choir.

Christine started dancing at the age of four. She started teaching dance in her late teens and became a qualified dance teacher a few years later. Whilst at school Christine also played in the school orchestra and sang in the school choir.

Christine took a short break from performing when she went to university to study pharmacy. After qualifying she returned to teaching dance and also performing and choreographing for a local amateur operatic society as well as working full-time as a community pharmacist.

It was during this time that she returned to singing when she joined a choir and met Gary. She experienced her first taste of choreographing for a large choir and it’s soloists during these ten years and was delighted when Gary asked her join Inspiration both as a performer and a member of the team.

In her time outside of Inspiration and working as Clinical and Medicines Manager for NHS Leeds, Christine can be found treading the boards at the Grand Theatre and the West Yorkshire Playhouse performing with LAOS and teaching her weekly dance class.

Christine says, “During my time working and performing with Inspiration I have made lots of new friends in both Leeds and Newcastle and met many lovely people. I enjoy every concert whether I am performing, rehearsing or working behind the scenes. Inspiration is like one great big family.

Thankyou Gary for asking me to be a part of Inspiration. It is an honour to work with you and so much fun. Laughter is the best medicine and we have had and will continue to have plenty of fun along the way.”

Christine Rowlands