Our Rehearsal Managers

Our Rehearsal Managers will welcome you to every Inspiration or Echo rehearsal, mark your attendance and make sure things run smoothly. They are also your first port of call for help and information. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal please let your Rehearsal Manager know in advance.


Jane Larder

Inspiration is my huge extended family with all the complications any family has. As rehearsal manager (K – Z), with Barbara (A – J), it is a privilege to welcome singers each night and often to be first to share their joys and sorrows when they sign in. The love and support shared within the choir is immense and I think there are few of us who haven’t been on the receiving end of this at some time. Long may it all continue.

Email: jane@inspirationuk.com

Barbara Sumroy

I love being a part of Inspiration, welcoming my (very big) family on rehearsal nights. We are all there for each other through happy and sad times. If you ever have a question and I am unable to help, there is always somebody in Inspiration that can answer it for you. Monday nights are the best!

Email: barbara@inspirationuk.com


Mallory Smith

I work alongside a little team of volunteers to take the register, answer queries, explain the seating arrangements and generally make sure things run as smoothly as possible during rehearsals and on concert day. We love getting to know the names of most of the singers (more of a challenge than you might think when there are about 300!) and hear and share in their various bits of good news and celebrations, as well as some trials and tribulations. I hope people find us a welcoming crew and enjoy the ‘craic’ as they sign in.

Email: mallory@inspirationuk.com, Call/Text: 07517 423669


Douglas Powell

Doug started singing in his school choir and played clarinet in the orchestra. However, when he went to college, there was no choir and his passion for motorsport took over. Nearly 30 years later he discovered singing again and joined the Thames Valley Chorus, a male barbershop chorus,but work commitments meant that this only lasted around 4 years. It was not until another 20 years later that he re-discovered barbershop singing and joined the newly created Ocean Harmony Chorus where he became Assistant Musical Director and base section leader. With his wish to improve his singing, he then joined The Royal Harmonics which is one of the top UK male voice barbershop choruses, based in Windsor. However with his journey along the M3 to and from rehearsals becoming longer because of the M3 upgrade works, he was looking for a chorus closer to home. He attended the Inspiration Southampton Open Day in May 2015 and now enjoys the weekly rehearsals and singing with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Email: douglas@inspirationuk.com


Angie Ainsworth

A newbie to Inspiration Manchester Choir I found myself putting my hand up when asked for a volunteer to be Rehearsal Manager! Why not! I had done this role many years ago with another choir I had sung with and I loved it. You get so many rewards in meeting new friends, putting names to faces, helping people with queries, welcoming new people, putting people at ease, listening to their concerns and pointing them in the right direction when necessary. When your new it can seem a bit daunting at first, especially performance day. But if you have a friendly face you can seek out to allay any fears then that's what I will be there for. Along with the rest of the Inspiration family we can make it a great experience for everyone. I am so looking forward to getting to know you all.

Email: angieainsworth06@gmail.com  Call/text 07715 282254


Wendy Knowles

I love being in Echo Leeds because the smaller size of the choir enables us to experiment with and master totally different styles of singing. I have been doing this since the second concert and, as we are limited to only about 60 – 70 members, I am able to know everyone in the choir. I can just about remember all the names now too!

Email: wendyknowles8@gmail.com, Call/Text: 07858 737667


Dorothy McGuiness

I’ve made many new friends through Inspiration and when the opportunity came along to join Echo (Newcastle) too, I jumped at the chance. After the first concert I was asked to become Rehearsal Manager. This has given me the ability to get to know some of Echo/Inspiration singers even better and to meet, look out for, and encourage the ‘new to singing in a choir’ Echo members when they are worrying about how to learn all the words. Oh and to keep Mr Deeks (Mark) calm during the selling of the tickets for the concerts… immortal words, ‘How many tickets have gone?’ – but wouldn’t change a thing.

Email: Dorothy.McGuiness@ncl.ac.uk, Call/Text: 07850 156563

Inspiration Rehearsal Managers