Our Rehearsal Managers

Our Rehearsal Managers will welcome you to every Inspiration rehearsal, mark your attendance and make sure things run smoothly. They are also your first port of call for help and information. If you are unable to attend a rehearsal please let your Rehearsal Manager know in advance.


Jane Larder

Inspiration is my huge extended family with all the complications any family has. As rehearsal manager (K – Z), with Barbara (A – J), it is a privilege to welcome singers each night and often to be first to share their joys and sorrows when they sign in. The love and support shared within the choir is immense and I think there are few of us who haven’t been on the receiving end of this at some time. Long may it all continue.

Email: jane@inspirationuk.com


Mallory Smith

I work alongside a little team of volunteers to take the register, answer queries, explain the seating arrangements and generally make sure things run as smoothly as possible during rehearsals and on concert day. We love getting to know the names of most of the singers (more of a challenge than you might think when there are about 300!) and hear and share in their various bits of good news and celebrations, as well as some trials and tribulations. I hope people find us a welcoming crew and enjoy the ‘craic’ as they sign in.

Email: mallory@inspirationuk.com, Call/Text: 07517 423669

Our Rehearsal Managers

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