What is Inspiration?

Inspiration is a large community choir based in Newcastle, and Leeds. It came about through a passion for singing and a belief in the power of song. The name itself has a double meaning – ‘breathing in’ and ‘being inspired’.

Founder Gary Griffiths has sung in and conducted choirs all his life and truly believes that singing in a large group is life-affirming and fulfilling in a way that few other activities can be. It is almost impossible to describe unless you experience it. Our ethos is simple – anyone can sing. That’s it! If you want to sing, then you can. We have no auditions to join – they are just too scary for some people – you don’t even have to read music, you just have to enjoy it.

We meet once a week during school terms to learn the songs for whatever we have coming up. In each area we perform three concerts a year, one at the end of every term. Concerts are held at Sage Gateshead with Royal Northern Sinfonia and at Leeds Town Hall with The Orchestra of Opera North. We also try to fit in a number of smaller events and workshops within the community, so there's never a quiet moment! Rehearsals are fun, but hard work, and we do learn a lot. We sing everything from memory so there are no barriers between us and our audience. Our contact with them is vital because we love to share the story of whatever we are singing.

We also have many links with the communities around us and love to take our singing out to them. It’s such a joyous feeling sharing our passion for singing and the power of song.

Inspiration – breathe in, sing out.

Inspiration Choir in rehearsal

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