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19 April 2013

Lorraine Craig has been a member of Inspiration Newcastle since it began in 2009. Here she tell us all about her weekly blog following Inspiration’s rehearsals.

It’s the Leeds Inspiration ‘And The Winner Is…’ concert this weekend, which not only makes me feel jealous, but makes me think about getting back to our singing rehearsals. For me it’s not just a return to singing, but also to another term of writing my tongue-in-cheek blog about singing with the Alto 2s.

I set up the blog in 2011 as a keepsake of the fun we have in rehearsals. It’s a record of our hard work, and my personal experience of singing with the Alto 2s. Looking back I’ve written about songs/words that I have faltered over (e.g. ‘Scotland the Brave’, ‘Brand New Day’), and choreography that’s had me stumped (e.g. ‘Brand New Day’, not ‘Scotland the Brave’ though as I’ve always been good at the ‘Highland Fling’).

I write weekly after the rehearsal, and add pictures with witty captions to make it fun and light reading. So far I’ve written about two Christmas concerts, ‘Sail on Titanic’, ‘Here’s to the Heroes’ and our most recent ‘And The Winner Is…’ concert. If there is a Saturday rehearsal, I try to write two posts for that week. On special occasions, such as the Edinburgh trip, I wrote about singing in the rain, going to the Edinburgh Tattoo, singing in more rain, and dancing at the last night’s party. The Edinburgh trip is particularly special as Peter’s video clips are included, and they are fabulous to listen to.

I’ve written 65 posts to date, with 13,620 page views. I can’t believe how well it is being received. There are loads of great memories, and all are fun to read back on a rainy day.

I love that the blog is providing a good link and shared conversation piece with Inspirationers in Newcastle and Leeds, and has helped bring about new friendship amongst both choirs. I get loads of people who come up to me at rehearsals to say they enjoy the blog, as well as to confess they are experiencing the same problem with songs, or mislearning the same words. So I plan to continue my weekly posts and would love to gain some new readers.

You can find my weekly blog at http://singingalto2.wordpress.com/. At this link there is also a space to subscribe if you wish to follow my blog by email.

I will also post weekly updates to the Inspiration Facebook page.

I’m looking forward to the start of rehearsals and to more great Inspiration moments with Mark, Phil and Andy. I do hope they too will enjoy featuring in my weekly posts ;-)

Lorraine Craig

Inspiration Newcastle rehearsal