A Parisian Adventure

3 September 2010

It was 18 months ago when I had the idea of taking Inspiration to Paris to sing our medley from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame. I never dreamed it would lead to the trip that we have just had. Four concerts in three days was a little tiring to say the least, but well worth it. The magnificent Church of St. Eustache in the centre of Paris was our first venue on the Saturday night. A huge acoustic and a full house meant a great start to the tour, with Inspiration really singing out into the enormous spaces of the church.
On the Sunday morning we all went to Disneyland Paris. Two concerts meant that Leeds could listen to Newcastle and Newcastle could listen to Leeds, singing on the main Castle Stage in glorious sunshine, and then the rest of the day enjoying the park. Even Mark our Newcastle pianist went on ‘It’s a Small World’.
And then? Well, on the Monday afternoon we went for a little boat trip. 400 of us on one huge boat. On the Seine. Sailing past the Cathedral of Notre Dame. SINGING HUNCHBACK! It was almost surreal, people strolling by the Seine stopping to listen. Apartment windows being flung open as we passed. Even a bride and groom on one of the bridges waving at us. Again glorious sunshine made for a wonderful hour-long cruise, singing all the way, and topped off with a rousing Hallelujah Chorus as we arrived back at the jetty.
Thank you to everyone who made this happen. To all at Rayburn Tours of course; to Judith and Chris for all the help marshalling the troops. To Andy, Mark, Rich and Matt, our band. To Janice for all the help before we went. And special thanks to Sue, without whom I don’t think it would have happened.
I’m just left with one question. Where next?

Inspiration at St Eustache Inspiration rehearsing at Disneyland Paris Inspiration sailing down the Seine