Andy’s New Friend

20 June 2010

We're not quite a fixture at Huddersfield’s Galpharm Stadium, but here’s hoping that it’s only a matter of time…

On Sunday, June 20, members of the choir sang for rugby fans before kick-off between Huddersfield Giants and Hull. It was the third time we’d been invited to perform at the Galpharm, and members of the stewarding, security, catering staff and management welcomed us like old friends.

As you’ll see in our picture, team mascot Big G decided he was now Andy’s best chum. No-one had suspected Andy's ability to attract grown men dressed in rubber until that point…

Unlike the previous visit, when we sang from the corner of a stand, we were allowed back on the pitch. Also unlike the last time (when thermal undies and hot soup were required), we were blessed with glorious summer weather.

While the distractingly muscle-bound and hunky players warmed up in the background, the crowd seemed to thoroughly enjoy ‘Climb Every Mountain’, ‘Mamma Mia Medley’, ‘Candle On The Water’ and ‘Don't Stop Believing’. ‘Mamma Mia” seemed to be a particular favourite with the fans.

For those who didn’t catch it, the match result was Huddersfield Giants 32-Hull 20. Yay!

By Sheena Hastings

Big G, Huddersfield Giants Team Mascot