Disneyland Paris: A Christmas choral celebration

2 January 2015

It’s the evening of Friday 14th November 2014 and singers arrive at Disneyland Paris all excited. We have a quick meeting at 10pm in the hotel reception and an impromptu sing of ‘Let It Snow’ and we’re off! See you all at 7.20am in the morning!

Saturday morning dawns and we all march along the river to our meeting point through the Disney Village where we meet the other choir from Belfast who we were joining with for the festival performance on the Castle Stage.

Into our rehearsal venue where there are mirrors – eek! That can only mean one thing. Choreography! Although on the end of the front row I steel myself not to look (as do many others I later learn), but can’t resist a quick glance. That’s it, bring on every diet book going – ha!

Enter Mary Ellen our Disney Director for the festival performance. A very lively lady who had so much enthusiasm at 8am in the morning and soon got us into full on Disney performing mode, with movement! Yes, we were all looking tentatively across at Gary at this point knowing that he was plotting the choreography for the next Inspiration concert!

She seemed very pleased with our efforts with the Disney songs and then watched our rehearsal with Gary and Colin (from the Belfast Choir). Rehearsal over and we were taken through the park to our meeting point for our performance later that day.

Disney is magical at any time but no time more so than at the start of the Christmas celebrations. So 5pm, Castle Stage, all set to perform, and we’re off! Lots of people watching, children dancing, enthusiastic applause and it was all over for another year. Oh but one thing more, let’s all go and watch the lighting of the Christmas tree in Main Street and let it snow – on us this time, not singing it. Photo opportunities a plenty here!

Sunday morning we all met up for a photo shoot on the bandstand in the Disney Village and couldn’t help but sing to the people as they were entering the park. Just one more thing to do. Yes, you’ve guessed, Big Thunder Mountain! Twelve of us this time, hands in the air! Great fun.

Although Disney is very familiar to many of us now we never take for granted the importance of our performance and it still makes us proud when we are praised for our discipline, professionalism and enthusiasm.

What was the phrase? Oh yes, disciplined but bonkers! That’ll do nicely. Till next time…

Inspiration at Disneyland Paris November 2014 Inspiration at Disneyland Paris November 2014 Inspiration at Disneyland Paris November 2014