Room for expansion

25 July 2011

Inspiration in Leeds has outgrown its present rehearsal venue, and so we have moved – not far, but it's a much bigger space with room for expansion at last. We can now accommodate more singers, so if you have been thinking of joining, now’s the time. If you want to come along and give singing a try before you join then that's fine, the first couple of rehearsals next term are open to potential new members for free, but we promise, once you've been to one there’s no turning back. You will be hooked! All sections in the choir are welcoming, especially our large tenor and bass sections, so if you are a tenor or bass and have been put off joining a choir because of the scarcity of men (which is quite common) then don’t worry – our fellas will make you very safe and welcome.

Rehearsals for our next concert start on 12 September 2011. You don't have to be able to read music, and you will receive a rehearsal CD with all your music on. Application forms can be found below, or email us for more information.

Inspiration Leeds rehearsal